What is Osteotomy and how it is helpful for damaged joints

An osteotomy is a surgical operation whereby a bone is sliced to abbreviate or stretch it or to change its arrangement. It is some of the time performed to revise a hallux valgus, or to rectify a bone that has recuperated warpedly taking after a break. It is likewise used to remedy a coxa vara, genu valgum, and genu varum. The operation is done under a general soporific.


Osteotomy is one strategy to diminish torment in joint pain, particularly of the hip and knee. It is being supplanted by joint substitution in the more established patient.

Because of the genuine way of this system, recuperation might be broad. Cautious counsel with a doctor is vital keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee appropriate arranging amid a recuperation stage.

Osteotomy of the knee

Knee osteotomy is usually used to realign joint harm on one side of the knee. The objective is to move the patient’s body weight off the harmed zone to the opposite side of the knee, where the ligament is still sound. Specialists evacuate a wedge of the tibia from underneath the solid side of the knee, which permits the tibia and femur to twist far from the harmed cartilage.


Osteotomies of the hip

Two fundamental sorts of osteotomies are utilized as a part of the revision of hip dysplasias and deformations to enhance arrangement/association of hip bone socket – (attachment) – and femoral head (femur head) – (ball), innominate osteotomies and femoral osteotomies. The bones are cut, reshaped or incompletely expelled to realign the heap bearing surfaces of the joint

Osteotomy of the Chin

Chin Osteotomy is frequently done to redress a vertically short chin. Rather than putting an embed on top of the chin unresolved issue it forward, an option approach is to cut the chin bone itself and present it or different bearings too. It can likewise be utilized to extend the chin (which is more troublesome with an embed) or to abbreviate or contract a chin


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